Our Vision, Purpose and Value Statement
Meals on Wheels Cowra/Grenfell
Our vision is to be a quality provider of a range of high quality food services, incorporating social support to maintain frail aged people and younger people with disabilities in their own homes as long as they can and choose to so, therefore avoiding inappropriate and premature institutional care.
The service aims to enhance peoples’ nutritional intake and to contribute to a well-nourished and independent and connected community, continually meeting the growing needs of the Cowra and Weddin Shires.

Our objectives are to:
  • Celebrate the diversity of all consumers and their families and partner with them in the provision of care.
  • Commit to meeting the specific needs of each individual
  • Provide Flexibility, responsiveness, reliability and innovation in the way Cowra/Grenfell Meals on Wheels are delivered. 
  • Support frail, older people to stay living in their community and in their own home.
  • Support people to participate in the community to the extent they want to
  • Support family or other primary care givers in their role
  • Partner with consumers and our staff to provide consumer-centered, effective, efficient and accountable care and support services that achieve the outcomes for consumers specified in the Aged Care Quality Standards (see 8.9.9 Key Result Areas).
  • Support, value and develop our volunteer base.
  • Recognise and value our workforce
  • Maintain professional and ethical conduct
  • Operate the organisation in an effective, efficient and accountable manner
  • Provide access and equity in the provision of services
  • Treat people with dignity and respect
Cowra/Grenfell Meals on Wheels believe in the right of people to:
  • Be valued as individuals and make informed choices about their life, where they live and their care
  • Maintain their independence
  • Be treated with dignity and respect, and to have their privacy and confidentiality respected
  • Access services on a non-discriminatory basis, and 
  • Receive accountable and responsive services